(AllerDetect Must Be Ordered By A Patient's Physician)


  • It is not necessary to discontinue medications prior to this test. 

  • It is not necessary for the patient to fast.

  • It is not necessary to discontinue nutritional supplements prior to this test. 


IMPORTANT - All AllerDetect DBS Collection Cards require two unique identifiers:




  • Patients’ name

  • Date of birth


To ensure that the collection card and the test requisition form can be correlated, the identification data on the collection card and the test requisition form must be identical.


  • The patient’s first and last name

  • Date of birth

  • Date of collection






  • Items required: Collection Card(s), Skin Prick lancet, Alcohol wipes, Band-Aid


STEP 1: Warm the chosen hand under warm water for a few minutes. Dry hand, then select the middle finger.


STEP 2: Gently massage the entire length of that finger to increase the temperature and improve circulation.


STEP 3: Clean the tip of the middle finger with an alcohol pad.


STEP 4: Hang the arm down and gently shake fingers for a few seconds to increase blood pools in the finger.


STEP 5: Hold the hand lower than heart level and again, gently massage the lower portion of the middle finger. Firmly grasp the lower portion of the middle finger for a few seconds to restrict return circulation.


STEP 6: Choose the site on the middle fingertip and use a skin prick lancet to prick the skin.


STEP 7: Gently massage the entire length of the pricked finger to form repeated blood drops. As each drop forms, touch the tip of the drop to a circle on the absorbent collection card. Do not smear and…

STEP 8: If you are unable to get insufficient blood from the first collection, return to step 2 using a different finger.

STEP 9: *Allow the Collection Card to air dry for at least 3 hours. Note - If the card is not completely dry, your sample may be unusable.

STEP 10: Place the dry Collection Card into the plastic specimen bag along with the absorbent sachet and seal the bag.

STEP 11: Fold the corresponding Test Requisition form in half and place it in the outer pocket of the specimen bag.

STEP 12: Place the specimen bag inside the padded envelope.


Western Allergy has supplied a pre-paid and addressed courier satchel. Once the sample has been collected, please package the sample and order form into the pre-paid package. Please either schedule a Canada Post agent to pick-up, place in a mailbox or visit
your closest Canada Post office.


Please expect your results emailed to your clinic within 2 weeks once the results arrive at the lab.

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shipp pack.png