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AllerSmart IgE Allergy Test


    With a simple prick of your finger, similar to a diabetes test, AllerSmart IgE provides you and your healthcare professional a full analysis of your allergy IgE hypersensitivity.

    Test Includes

    9 Key Food Allergens

    29 Key Environmental Allergens 

    (Pollens/Pets/House Dust Mite/Moulds)

    Time to Deliver

    The test is completed within 3-4 days once the sample is received at our lab. Notifications are sent via email once reports are ready to be downloaded from My Report page.

    Kit Registration

    Once you recieve your test kit, please register your kit via the Register Order #

    The individual who is being tested can fill out their registration form, including identifying symptoms and their corresponding ICD-10 codes for insurance purposes.

    The information provided will be relayed onto your report to assist in a future clinical diagnosis.

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