Evidenced-Based Allergy Testing
For Healthcare Professionals only to diagnos true IgE allergies



IgE Blood Sample, collection, storage, and shipment times are critical to ensure accurate and reliable results

IgE Blood Serum samples have a half-life of 3-4 days, a common crux of serological-based allergy testing.


Independent clinical publications have proven Dry Blood Spot (DBS) samples are stable up to 84 days.
Once received, our new fast track analysis will get results back sooner.
AllerDetect provides your clinic with reliable, accurate IgE blood testing without the former time constraint.

About AllerDetect

Our Dry Blood Spot (DBS) System uses whole blood to analyze a patient’s immune responsiveness for dietary antigens, environmental allergens, and a venom profile.

  • One of the most comprehensive allergy tests currently available.

  • Eliminates the high incidence of false-positives.

  • Designed to complement a formal diagnosis.

  • Simple to use Dry Blood Spot (DBS) test is performed quickly, without the need to draw blood.

  • DBS testing eliminates constraints associated with other types of tests.

  • Selection of test profiles – DIETARY, ENVIRONMENTAL, AND VENOM.

  • Complete Picture

    • IgE – true/specific allergy

  • Enables the healthcare practitioner to develop personalized immuno-therapeutic treatment and/or dietary plans.

  • Detailed report is produced for each patient.

This System tests for IgE levels (antibodies produced by the immune system) in a patient’s blood. Allergies are caused when these antibodies are released, promoting the production of chemicals such as histamine, which trigger an allergic reaction. This reaction is usually seen as symptoms in the nose, lungs, throat, or on the skin. Dietary allergens can cause the aforementioned symptoms as well as a litany of gastrointestinal issues. 

Healthcare Provider

As an alternative to our offered allergy scratch tests, AllerDetect collection kits can be sent to your practice or clinic free of charge.


Not to be confused with IgG exposure testing only. AllerDetect brings a new level of accuracy and specificity to allergy diagnostics.

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Contact your local medical professional for testing. Test kits can be sent free of charge to your medical professional of choice.

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Western Allergy

Western Allergy Services is the go-to source for Allergic Disease treatment in Canada. Serving the medical community for over 40 years


Sanatio Allergy

Sanatio Allergy operates throughout Australasia. AllerDetect is available exclusively in Australasia through Sanatio Allergy. Click the link below to learn more